Why you should choose a career in Fashion Styling

Are you attracted to the glitz and glamour that a career in the fashion industry conjures up?

Well, we’d like to stop you in your tracks for a bit a reality check. Don’t get us wrong – there’s spotlights, sparkle and pizzazz – but the rest of the time it can be genuine hard work in a cut throat industry.

So how can you break into your dream fashion career? Think about what it is you want and pick wisely. A career in fashion styling is well sought after for many good reasons. Though it’s not for the fainthearted, it might just be the ‘in’ you need to be the next ‘it person’ in fashion. In fact, if you have passion, a fierce determination and foundational flair (leather-thick skin is a bonus too) then you tick the boxes for a potentially great career.

Learn the real reasons why you should choose a career in fashion styling.

So many options

If you’ve been graced with a natural gift from the styling gods, there really are no limits to where your talent can take you. The different avenues for styling professionals are endless from the catwalk to the red carpet to someone’s closet – the potential to make the world a more beautiful place is at your fingertips.

You love a challenge

Things always go wrong in the styling industry. If you are the type of person who not only has a Plan B but an XYZ – you will relish the challenges thrown at you and get a thrill from thinking inventively. Sometimes, you won’t stop – you will literally be running around– but seeing the end product will make it all the worthwhile. And another bonus, you don’t won’t need a gym membership!

No two days are the same

Just like your stylish outfits, no two days are the same in the fashion styling industry. One week you might be working on a fashion shoot, the next you might be writing a fashion piece for Vogue. Variety’s the very spice of life, and with a career in fashion, it will be full flavoured. It keep you on your toes and excited for the next challenge.

Work with a variety of people and clients

You will be working with a whole range of people and meeting other industry professionals. Working alongside like-minded people who share your passion will ultimately make your job more enjoyable. Expressing your passion really does have the ability to positively impact people’s lives and really getting to know your clients is a big advantage.

Being your own boss

If you choose a career in fashion styling, chances are, you will be your own boss. How luxe is that? Choosing the hours you work and often working from your own home are definitely a professional perks. By calling the shots, you get to style the career you’ve always dreamed of and in fashion styling there really is no limit to the top.

For information on how you can have a career in fashion, contact the Australian College of Professional Styling and let us show you the way.

Why you should choose a career in fashion styling