Where The Styling Work Is

A world of opportunity awaits

Thousands of newspapers and magazines, fashion companies, advertising agencies, film and television production companies, boutique shops, corporate clients and private individuals rely on freelance stylists. And, with all the styling work that needs to be done, why not?

Stylists can work in the following areas:

  • Editorial styling – styling images for media publications such as fashion magazines.
  • Personal styling/image consulting – providing advice or assistance for clients on how to improve their look and select clothing and accessories for themselves
  • Personal shopping – selecting clothes for a client
  • Show styling – styling fashion parades, or TV personalities for shows or events
  • Commercial styling – styling images or looks for advertising
  • Fashion Styling
  • Wardrobe Styling
  • Catalogue Styling
  • Prop Styling
  • Set Styling
  • Runway Styling

Stylists also work as image consultants, personal stylists, fashion editors, photo stylists, wardrobe stylists, design coordinators, personal shoppers, celebrity stylists and makeover stylists.


Opportunities outside the box

Here you will find yourself working closely with photographers, art directors, designers, artist managers, and fashion and photo editors. Print assignments include magazines, catalogue styling, publicity shoots, album covers, advertising, and movie posters.

Music, industrial and educational.

Advertising commercials and infomercials.

Features, shorts and documentaries.

Live broadcasts, news and current affairs, breakfast television, sitcoms, soap operas, dramas, styling show hosts and visiting talent.

Concerts, special events, road tours, fashion shows and theatre.

Models, musicians, television hosts, public speakers, celebrities, people in the public eye and people simply wishing to change or rediscover their look.

Here you could be doing anything from styling company executives, to styling annual reports. Certain cities are known for celebrities and recording artists. Others for fashion, advertising and television commercials. But what if you live where there are no celebrities and there is no fashion? There is still plenty of business. Companies still need stylists. For styling CEOs, for product styling, uniform styling and photo styling of every description. Stylists are used to style executives in their offices, employees going about their jobs and secretaries greeting customers walking through the front door. These kinds of images fill thousands of corporate annual reports and are sent to shareholders, trade journalists and Internet publishers. Corporate styling is a little-known but highly lucrative field.

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