From the outset, the material was engaging and the level of content was beyond my expectation. I had no idea that there were so many opportunities within the field of styling and each week in the course was like opening a box of treasures!

It has been close to 6 years now since graduating from the Australian College of Professional Styling and approximately 3 years since I updated my testimonial! In that time the skill sets and confidence I acquired continue to enable me to create new and exciting opportunities for my business, Jenni Sellan – which has now become a full time venture.

My written work remains an important extension of the voice behind my business and brand and I am fortunate enough to be a regular contributor for All My Friends Are Models, a website ultimately about humanising beauty; an aspect of the fashion industry that I fiercely support.

My day-to-day now includes campaign and editorial styling, conducting workshops, designing uniform concepts for large corporations and most recently, taking on the role of Stylist & Trainer for Creative Skills Shop, a very exciting new concept for aspiring & recently graduated creatives in the fashion industry.

What has changed in the last 3 years is the growth and expansion of my business, which is a testament to the College as their support to me in the very early stages of my career was second to none; from calling out areas of strength and encouraging pursuit in those areas, to the personalised and detailed feedback received from my tutor throughout the duration of the course.

What has not changed is the diversity that my career in fashion continues to deliver.

As I wrote in my original testimonial, “by nature I have always been a dreamer”. Fashion is my playground, and to legitimately call it ‘work’ is a dream realised.

Jenni Sellan

By nature I have always been a dreamer…and to spend the majority of my days playing with fashion and legitimately calling it ‘work’ is a dream come true. The Australian College of Professional Styling played a significant role in that becoming my reality, with the launch of my styling business.

Wanting to branch out into something of my own and after many internal conversations with myself, I decided to apply for the Professional Photo, Film, TV & Personal Stylist’s Course offered by Australian College of Professional Styling.  From the outset, the material was engaging and the level of content was beyond my expectation. I had no idea that there were so many opportunities within the field of styling and each week in the course was like opening a box of treasures!

With every assessment I submitted, incredibly detailed feedback from my dedicated tutor followed; encouraging and constructive and surprisingly personalised.  As a student you instantly know that the time put into the assessments had been genuinely considered and thought through before the feedback was given. You feel connected and your contribution valued, with the tutor able to discern your unique areas of strength.  It also resulted in open conversations and an exploration of ideas that you might not have even considered before. The support of my tutor was second to none.

In my experience, my tutor pointed out on number of occasions that she felt writing was one of my strengths, suggesting that I consider blogging and editorial contributions as an additional avenue to explore. In taking her advice, I began my own blog, Nothing less than chic. The next thing I knew, I found myself applying to Stylehunter to become their Brisbane contributor and I shortly joined the team as their ‘Brisbane Insider’ where my writing is featured weekly.

My affiliation with Stylehunter has opened up wonderful opportunities to connect with, and work, alongside professionals within the fashion community.  This included a very recent collaboration with a QLD Government initiative, Project SPF where I was invited to style a photo shoot for the campaign, working alongside Liz Braithwaite – the runner up in Australia’s Top Model competition in 2011.

Blogging has been the perfect partner alongside my styling business, Jenni Sellan Styling.  In the last 6 months projects have been diverse, including styling a makeover for Liam Renton (one of the crew from the 96five breakfast show) and I even found myself in the studio talking all things fashion. The role of a stylist, if you will allow it, can be incredibly diverse, and no two days need look the same.

The practice of styling came to life for me through this course. It’s practical and inspirational and the results have spoken for themselves.

Please see some examples of Jenni’s styling work below. You can also take a look at her facebookinstagramlinkedin, or her website: for her full portfolio.

Christy styled by Jenni Sellan
Photo credit: Elizabeth Maleevsky
Jess styled by Jenni Sellan
Photo credit: Gerstner Studios